"This is about as smart and air-tight as narrative

verite filmmaking gets. It's a compact epic that

speaks for itself. I will say that for its craft and

verisimilitude, it could be pre-sold as a narrative

film and I don't think anyone would blink.

That's a compliment."

Vadim Rizov , Slant Magazine, USA

"A poignant, universally accessible documentary."

Alissa Simon, Variety, USA

"The documentary, which shifts between Spain and Peru,

feels so real that the people under its microscope will seem

as familiar as your next-door neighbors."

Stephen Holden , New York Times, USA

"…one of the strongest family portraits ever made on film."

Emma Engström, Göteborgsposten

A poignant documentary about a poverty-stricken Peruvian family trying to stay together in the midst of great difficulty. The story begins in 2006. Naty has lost her steady employment and can’t find a new job. With great anxiety she decides to leave her family to look for work in Spain. Two years later she returns to Peru, and finds her family in turmoil. But also Naty has changed…

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Directors: Alberto Herskovits & Mikael Wiström



Human Rights Watch FF Toronto 2011, Canada
One World HRFF Prague 2011, Czech Republic
Thessaloniki IDF 2011, Greece
Human Rights Watch FF London 2011, UK
Minneapolis St. Paul IFF 2011, USA
DOXA IDF Vancouver 2011, Canada
Documenta Madrid 2011, Spain
Planete Doc Review Warsaw 2011, Poland
EDOC IDF Quito 2011, Ecuador
Freiburger film forum 2011, Germany
Human Rights Watch FF New York 2011, USA
Pärnu IDF 2011, Estonia
Nuremberg HRFF 2011, Germany
Ad Hoc FF Vilnius 2011, Lithuania
Astra FF Sibiu 2011, Romania
Gothenburg IFF 2010, Sweden
Tempo IDF Stockholm 2010, Sweden
Silverdocs IDF 2010, USA
Karlovy Vary IFF 2010, Czech Republic
Encuentro de Cine Latinoamericano Lima 2010, Peru
Reykjavik IFF 2010, Iceland
Bratislava IFF 2010, Slovak Republic
One World HRFF Berlin 2010, Germany
This human world – Human Rights FF Vienna 2010, Austria


Feature Documentary Award, DOXA IDF Vancouver, 2011
Dragon Award for Best Swedish Documentary, Gothenburg IFF, 2010
Best Documentary, Karlovy Vary IFF, 2010
Best Documentary, Bratislava IFF, 2010

DOXA IDF Vancouver 2011 (Feature Documentary Award)