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CHIMNEY LIFE (SKORSTENSLIV)ChimneyLife.htmlChimneyLife.htmlshapeimage_10_link_0
KIRUNA BABIES (DET VAR EN GÅNG ETT BB...)KirunaBabies.htmlKirunaBabies.htmlshapeimage_11_link_0

A film about teenagers and about the time in life

when infinite insecurity constantly wrangles with

unbridled fantasies of immortality...

A remake of Wim Wenders Room 666 from 1982. Like it’s original Room 1112 explores the question is cinema a language about to get lost, an art about to die?”

An award winning a poignant documentary about a Peruvian family trying to stay together in the midst of great difficulty.


A unique documentary about the ex-punk musician David Sandström, the Swedish photographer Sune Jonsson and writer Sara Lidman.

A different kind of love story...

80-year old Gully Persson gets evicted from her home.

This is the story about the maternity ward in Kiruna

during it’s last weeks of existence...

An award winning documentary about Jonathan, an Indian-born Swede, and his search for his roots.

A documentary about life in the small village of Mölbis, just south

of Leipzig, during the year of German reunification.

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MOMS ON FIRE (MOMS ON FIRE) Moms_on_Fire.html

A stop-motion animated short about the pregnant female

body and a very different view on motherhood.


An intimate portrait of Rikard Wolff, one of Sweden’s greatest performers, and a cult figure of the gay rights movement. A poetic film about hero worship, obsession and fame.